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December 24, 2005
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:: Only a Spot :: by Artsywolven :: Only a Spot :: by Artsywolven
Lame title; please ignore. :: FULL VIEW please :;

Done as a commission for Donahue on Furry Paws for the holidays. Rush job, and I've stressed loaaaads over it. If you can't already guess from the pattern on the fur, it's /supposed/ to be a Clouded Leopard. If it actually looks like one I'm really not sure, @.@

Works been killing me, and I've been doing this in between school and work all this week, trying to hurry it up before Christmas hits. Got it done, though, =3 So I'm happy. To some extent I'm pleased with how well it came out, with it being one of the few times I've actually tried to draw wings. Not to mention the fur pattern, @.@; Oi. XD

In any case, happy holidays? XD; I doubt I'll be able to scrape anything up for a Christmas picture, D: No time, unfortunately.

Image (c) to myself, Artsywolven.
Do NOT take, use, use as heavy reference, redraw, reuse, alter, steal, copy, or whatever else. It's designed for the person it was made for, so hands off. Otherwise you'll have an unhappy Artsy at your door over the holidays.
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possibly one of my most favorite pieces you have ever done!
I really love the pose and colorings!
it is just perfect!
TheFern Mar 28, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love this picture. A dear friend of mine who knows I love clouded leopards, and was trying to find a chibi with wings to represent my fursona, used this image as the name tag on my Christmas present. My cat ate that tag. *Cries* I'm SO glad I found this here! Therefore, you are 'faved'!!
LINX1595 Mar 2, 2009   Digital Artist
I love the colors and the way you drew it!
Its so beautiful!
Please do a tutorial! xD
It would help me lots ;3
kermiwolf Nov 20, 2008
Oh my goodness its soo beautiful!!!
I LOVE this one
It's so beautiful
And the spots are just gorgeous =D
Silver-Leopardess Apr 24, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
fantastic peice! i know how hard it is to do clouded leopard spots! your artwork is fantastic! keep it up! i shall watch you! *purrs*
OMG! I love the pose and the pic and the pose and the pic and the, and the, and the, and the everything!

I also saw some really nice pics on neopets that you drew! :) :P

I usually just draw my pics and leave them the way they are, put your picture looks so cool I was wondering what program you used to draw it. Could you tell me?
how do you arrange your spots? is there some pattern to follow? one of my characters is spotted but the spots are crappy. so i was just asking people how they do their spots... please answer!
I love snow leopards! Great wings!
Coooooool! (I know, super descriptive, but I'm too much of a lazy bum to list everything that I love about this pic!)
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